Improve networking skills for sales

Business networking is a useful tool for getting some helpful pieces of advice. When establishing new connections, you may not always get an offer instantly. However, in most cases, there at least will be the possibility of communicating with like-minded people and exchanging experiences.

Now, you know how beneficial networking can be for business. However, it is vital to learn how to do it effectively to get the most out of this activity. In this article, we are going to guide you through the essentials of business networking and will give some practical tips on how to improve your team’s skills to reach your business goals!

Improve networking skills for sales

Essential Business Networking Skills for Successful Sales Teamwork

Now that you have a clear understanding of what business networking means and how it can contribute to the fast growth of your enterprise, let’s take a moment to think about what an effective networker does? What skills does one possess?

For the most successful sales teamwork, each member of the group should have a specific set of networking skills.

Building Relationships

One of the essential skills is being able to build relationships and establishing a strong connection with people. If your sales team doesn’t know how to involve others in communication and build a network from scratch, no other skills can make up for this one.


Secondly, every member of the team should possess strong communication skills. This includes being open, positive, bright, and genuinely engaged in the communication. Together, these skills will help your team not only create connections but further keep them, which is important.


Another essential networking skill is being a good listener. For better results, your team should do much more hearing others out than talking. Listening performs two significant tasks. First of all, it shows your interest in prospects, and secondly; it allows you to direct the conversation into the right area.

However, keep in mind that good listening doesn’t mean that you should stay passive. On the contrary, it is all about staying proactive and involved. A person with excellent listening skills always follows these rules during every conversation:

Actively pay attention to what another person says;

  • Maintain eye contact when possible.
  • Show agreement without interrupting a person.

Never make an impression that you are bored, not interested, or impatient (making such signals as continually looking at your watch, shifting body weight, and so on are disrespectful);

Add appropriate responses;

  • Show curiosity.
  • Positive Attitude

A salesperson with a negative attitude is not likely to attract prospective customers and keep them engaged in the conversation.

Therefore, staying positive is another rule of effective networking.

Staying in Contact

Establishing connections doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to keep them. Therefore, being able to stay in contact and following up is essential.

Here is another thing to keep in mind – staying in contact by no means equals being annoying. It is all about focusing your effort on developing strong, mutually-beneficial, and long-term relationships, meanwhile being appropriate and not getting your contacts annoyed by constant attention.

Being Able to Ask the Right Questions

Wrong, not thoughtful questions can offend people, ruin the impression about you, and hold you back from reaching goals. Therefore, asking the right questions is a true art that you and your sales team have to master!


Finally, none of the skills will bring the desired results if your team is not being sincere. People always feel when others are insincere in communication. Thus, it is crucial to treat partners, customers, and other contacts with genuine interest and respect.

All these skills matter and contribute to success. However, among all the skills listed here, being able to ask the right questions, and being a good listener are the two most important ones.

Besides, listening and asking thoughtful questions help to show sincerity and respect, build trust, and indicate your genuine interest in the opinion of a person you are talking to. Thus, these should be the fundamental skills that your sales team obtain and develop to reach the ultimate goal.

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